Photography courtesy of Kelly Cassel

LaNia grew up in the segregated city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and graduated with a BFA from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

She devotes most of her time conducting research on the philosophies of self perception, queer and feminist theories, and inherent racial dogmas; while also examining the contemporary works’ of Laylah Ali, Kara Walker and poet, Warsan Shire.

The combination of printmaking and drawing inspires her to challenge these concepts and to push beyond the traditional expectations of not only the figure but printmaking itself. Through collage and assemblage she strives to conduct work that pays homage to imagery free from the barriers of social constructs and honest in its vulnerability.



The inevitable truth of  never wanting to be left and unloved reveals a deeply rooted longing. The figurative elements embody invasive memories of  heartbreak and abandonment. A display of the struggle and lack of self curative labor exposing obsessive idolization. They address what different forms of pain look and feel like for me and at times cannot be distinguished for their gender, sexuality, or virtue.  Each repetitive shape, cut and bonded from paper range in emotional tones and validate varying forms of attachments.


The figures differ in complexity and anatomic configuration. Sometimes they are imminent, strong and are cut shapeless with little detail. And some figures are cut and bonded delicately symbolizing fragility. They are alone and lust for a place to call home. A flaunting of relentless otherness, they represent my deeply rooted disconnectivity.Through collage and assemblage I strive to conduct work that pays homage to imagery free from the boundaries of social constructs and honest in the work's vulnerability.